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XLC V-Brake 70mm Pads *2 sets for £10*

XLC V-Brake 70mm Pads *2 sets for £10*

VAT Included

* Just select 2 packs in the options to recieve the deal *

XLC is a German brand that has enjoyed an excellent reputation since it was founded, due to its high-quality, innovative bicycle parts and accessories (including cycling wear and paint) at affordable prices.
XLC offers a complete range of bicycle parts and accessories: everything you need to keep you comfortable on the road in all circumstances.
XLC achieves excellent quality by combining innovative materials with proven concepts, and with a great price-quality ratio.

XLC is a young, international brand operating at an advanced technical level, offering bicycle parts for every use.
XLC was first introduced in 2003 with basic bicycle equipment for the brands Haibike and Winora, with handlebars, stem units and seatposts in particular.

In 2005 the XLC brand (property of the Accell Group) is entrusted to the Winora Group (subsidiary of the Accell Group) and consequently goes global.

XLC benefits from 100 years of experience in manufacturing bicycles.
Its parts and accessories are the perfect combination of functionality, style, comfort and technology!

SUITABLE FOR: Aluminum rims
Suitable for all weather conditions
Length: 70 mm
2 pieces
COLOUR: Black.