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Fullstop Shimano Deore BRM515 Disc Pads

Fullstop Shimano Deore BRM515 Disc Pads

VAT Included

Full Stop semi-metallic disc brake pads offer the best features of organic and sintered pads and excel for all-round use. They offer improved braking performance and less noise with excellent initial bite and modulation.

Full Stop DP302 pads fit the following disc brake systems:

  • Clarks: Clout 1, S2
  • Giant: MPH
  • Quad: Nano, Rapide, Sting
  • RST: D-Power
  • Shimano: M3050, M315, M355, M365, M375, M395, M4050, M415, M416, M445, M446, M447, M465, M475, M485, M486, M495, M501, M505, M506, M515, M525, M575, MT400, MT500, T615
  • Tektro: Aquila, Aries, Auriga, Dorado, Draco, Gemini, HDC, HDC-330, Mira, Orion, Vela, Volans
  • TRP: Dash Sport, HY/DR, Hylex, Spyke, Spyre